Conference Announcement and Call for Papers   

NSA International Conference 2023

International Conference on Good Governance and Social Transformation in Nepal

September 1-3, 2023, Pokhara

Nepal Sociological Association (NSA) announces an International Conference on Good Governance and Social Transformation in Nepal to be held in Pokhara during September 1-3, 2023. The NSA invites the submission of research based papers from interested social science scholars. The Nepalese state and society are undergoing rapid transformations in many spheres since the democratic movement of 1990, followed by Maoist insurgency, the Peoples’ movement of 2006, Madhesh uprisings and other political contestations. All these movements have cumulative results in the promulgation of new constitution in 2015. With the inception of new constitution, the state restructuring has taken place, and seven provinces and 753 local governments have emerged. The new three-tier governance system posed great challenges for providing good governance and addressing the aspirations of the people. Institutionalization of state restructuring is still a contested issue.

The three tiers of government have completed its first tenure. Discourse on the experience of first tenure could provide fruitful directives to move ahead. Nepalese society, characterized with the various form of class, caste, ethnic, gender and regional inequality, aspires to move ahead to achieve its development goals of combating poverty, inequality and exclusion. However, the success depends on the system of governance that operates within society and the state. Intensive analysis over these issues can generate relevant knowledge for policy formulation.

The Conference aims to provide a platform for the social science scholars, both native and foreign, to discuss and analyze Nepal’s process of change and its system of governance. Though the theme of the conference is “Governance and Social Transformation in Nepal”, the papers related with various aspects of social life of Nepal or comparative studies with a focus on Nepal too are also welcome.

Write-up Specifications:

Dates to remember

Abstract submission deadline: June 18, 2023
Notification of accepted abstracts: June 25, 2023
Deadline for the full paper submission: July 25, 2023 
Notification of accepted papers: July 30, 2023


Accomodations for paper presenters in Pokhara will be managed by the organizer.

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CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT AND CALL FOR PAPERS - International Conference on Good Governance and Social Transformation in Nepal



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