Sociology in Nepal has gained a wider popularity in various sectors. Its scope is not only limited to the academia; it also extends to civil service, development sector, private research institutions, policy making, media and various social sectors. Most of the universities in Nepal deem sociology as an important subject, and the number of students taking sociology are continuously increasing. Thousands of sociology graduates are working across the country. An organization to unite all these sociologists was felt for a long time. A mass gathering of sociologist on 21st November 2018 formed an ad hoc committee under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Chaitnya Mishra. Then, Nepal Sociological Association was formally registered on 9th October 2017 in District Administration Office, Kathmandu. The first General Assembly held on 7th April 2018 formed executive committee of Nepal Sociological Association under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Ganesh Man Gurung.

Nepal Sociological Association is a professional organization of all sociologists working in various sectors of Nepal. It is dedicated for the study, research and analysis of Nepali society as well as for the enhancement of the discipline of sociology.

The objectives of Nepal Sociological Association are as follows:

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